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My Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Wordpress Plugins

Wordpress is a popular blog used for personal and business reasons. The plugins described in this article are designed to assist you in optimization, customization, and enhancements for your readers. In this article, I am going introduce and review my top 10 Wordpress plugins.

1. All in One SEO Pack – This Wordpress plugin is designed to help you optimize your blog. From helping you with title text and descriptions, all the way to keywords and checking for or fixing duplicate content problems, this plugin does it all. Saving you time and money, as well as…

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Private Label Rights – Create and Sell Your Own Infoproduct The Easy Way
by Tom Duong

Resell Rights 56 Comments »

If like so many others you’ve reached a point where you no longer want to be an affiliate, selling products for other people, then perhaps it’s time for you to take your Internet marketing skills to the next level and begin selling your own products instead. With a little bit of hard work and dedication you will soon be able to establish a reputation for yourself as being a expert in the niche of your choice. Of course, there is a good chance that you doubt your own capabilities and while that may be a problem, it certainly isn’t one which cannot be overcome. Perhaps you don’t have suitable writing skills but then again, not everyone is born to be a writer and the bottom line is; you can still move forward and begin selling e-books with your name on them, and as far as the world will know, you are the author.

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Is Internet Marketing Too Saturated?
by Tom Duong

General Tips 91 Comments »

The short answer is… absolutely NOT!

While I understand that some people think everything has already been done in Internet marketing, I think this is just a huge misconception. Although Internet marketing has changed dramatically, and the number of competitors have increased, Internet marketing is still considered a viable source of income for hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. Internet marketing still has plenty of room to grow, and more and more companies are jumping onto the Internet marketing bandwagon everyday. Having said that, here is another reason why I don’t think Internet marketing is too saturated. Check out the video after the jump…

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5 Things You Must Do to Succeed in Article Marketing
by Tom Duong

Article Marketing 65 Comments »

As many successful Internet marketers can attest to, article marketing is perhaps the best way to generate traffic to your website. If you’re serious about making money online then you had better include article marketing as part of your advertising strategy. However, in order for it to work you need to apply the following article marketing tips…

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First Friday Favorites – September 2009
by Tom Duong

Tools and Resources 35 Comments »

Inspirational Sun Flowers
image credit: maapu

In this month’s First Friday Favorites, I’ve compiled a list of 7 useful tools and resources to improve your website or blog and assist you with your Internet marketing efforts.

Here are my favorite picks for September 2009…

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How to Find the Best Resell Rights Products
by Tom Duong

Resell Rights 36 Comments »

Resell rights products have become immensely popular in Internet marketing circles and not without reason. Perhaps one of the main reasons is the fact that it’s not necessary for you to invest a large amount of time in creating your own product. Furthermore, because resell rights products are for the most part marketed to a vast number of people, it’s relatively easy to maintain a profit margin.

However, one should bear in mind that resell rights products can vary from one to the other in that they are not all the same. Because some have more potential than others, one needs to take various factors into consideration before you choose a particular product. Listed below you’ll find some of the most important factors which need to be considered if you are to achieve any level of success…

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