4 Tried and Tested Ways to Increase Opt-In Conversion Rates
by Tom Duong

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While all the Internet marketing gurus are quick to state that “the money is in the list,” they fail to mention that while that may in fact be true, building a list is not always the easiest thing to do. In fact, creating a list can be extremely demanding, even when you’ve successfully managed to tweak your site in every conceivable way, from testing squeeze pages to fine tuning headlines. However, there’s no reason why you should throw in the towel because there are in fact certain measures you can take in order to get that list growing faster than what you thought possible.

1. Offer a Newsletter

Let’s face it, we all love getting something for free, so if you offer your visitors something in return for opting in, you’ll automatically have more opt-ins. Of course, having said that, whatever you offer them needs to be of some value to them because if it’s not, they’ll simply unsubscribe almost immediately. Furthermore, you need to keep your list warm and the best way to do that is by sending out weekly newsletters to those on your list. Providing your newsletters are packed full of useful information within your niche, and your readers find them interesting and beneficial, they’ll actually enjoy receiving them.

2. Offer a Free Report

Offering visitors a free report has also shown to be incredibly effective in getting them to opt-in, particularly when the report you’re offering them is available only from your site. Providing your opt-in report is just as meaningful as a regular report is, there’s every possibility that those who read it will opt-in. Of course, it also pays to include a few testimonials from some of your happy subscribers because we all know just how powerful word-of-mouth advertising can be.

3. Use Videos

I’m sorry to have to say this, but if you haven’t yet noticed just how much traffic sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe and DailyMotion are getting, then I’m afraid you must be from a different planet. These sites are all exploiting the fact that as humans we tend to be lazy, and as such, why read through an article if you can simply look and listen instead. By including videos on your website for those who opt-in, you’ll effectively be encouraging visitors to opt-in. Just make sure that your opt-in box appears right next to a tempting video, That way, once they’ve watched the video, the temptation to opt in will simply be too much for them and as a result, more names are added to your growing list.

4. The Importance of Quality Graphics

We’ve all heard the saying that one should never judge a book by its cover but unfortunately most people do. Websites which don’t look the part, inevitably suffer from a low sales and conversion rate. The chances are; if your site doesn’t look good, you’re more than likely already aware of it. The fact is though, you can do something about it because in this day and age, professional graphics no longer cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you can now get opt-in and other template graphic for about the same price as a domain name. Professional looking graphics do exactly what they say they can do, in that they make your site appear professional. Remember, people will be more willing to opt-in if you have a professional looking site.

What other ways can you do to increase opt-in conversion rates? Please share your questions and comments below. Thanks!

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Comment by Vanessa
2010-07-18 15:28:26

Hello, do you have a blog post discussing what’s n opt-in? because it’s my first time to hear this term in email marketing and i don’t have idea what it means.

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Comment by Garden Sheds
2010-08-28 15:24:05

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2011-09-06 03:59:54

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2011-11-24 20:09:58

I’m usually writing about conversion through optin for a report/newsletter but thanks for further ideas on videos and good graphics. Also you can go back a step and look at keyword research to ensure you are targeting the right audience in the first place.


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