How to Find the Best Resell Rights Products
by Tom Duong

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Resell rights products have become immensely popular in Internet marketing circles and not without reason. Perhaps one of the main reasons is the fact that it’s not necessary for you to invest a large amount of time in creating your own product. Furthermore, because resell rights products are for the most part marketed to a vast number of people, it’s relatively easy to maintain a profit margin.

However, one should bear in mind that resell rights products can vary from one to the other in that they are not all the same. Because some have more potential than others, one needs to take various factors into consideration before you choose a particular product. Listed below you’ll find some of the most important factors which need to be considered if you are to achieve any level of success:

  • When you decide to purchase resell rights products you should always strive to purchase those which are new on the market. In other words, you should be looking for products which have not yet been sold, bearing in mind that many people who create such products prefer to leave selling to others. Since the market has not yet been flooded with such products, you stand far more chance of being successful in terms of marketing them.
  • Whenever you purchase a resell rights product you should be aiming to purchase one which is currently peaking, simply because those are the products which are still in demand and that such, their marketing potential is noticeably favorable.
  • It is also advisable to source products which have limited resell rights because in so doing you can effectively avoid excessive competition. Keep in mind that the more people who purchase the product, the more competition you’ll have, and as such, profitability will be limited accordingly. If on the other hand, the resell rights to a product is only sold to ten or twenty people, you’ll be facing less competition which in turn means you stand to make more profit.
  • Products with private label rights are also a potentially good option since they can be modified according to your own personal preferences. In fact, you are even able to change the authors name so that it appears as if you yourself are the original author. For example, you could purchase a few private label rights products and then combine them into a single product before putting your own name on it, thus creating a brand new product of your own.
  • Depending on your financial position, you could also choose to purchase resell rights products which are nearing the end of their shelf life, as these products are usually sold for a negligible amount due to the fact that they are no longer in great demand. Even though you can purchase them for next to nothing, it is still possible to generate extremely good profits by using them as a means to attract potential customers. They can also be used for the purpose of giving away as free gifts. Furthermore, you could combine several of the products into a single larger package and offer it at a price which people simply cannot resist.

The bottom line is, resell rights products have the potential of generating huge profits providing of course that you choose your products diligently, and that you market them effectively. By applying some of the tips and advice given in this article, you will almost definitely be able to make a profit by marketing resell rights products.

What are some of the ways you do to find the best resell rights products?


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Comment by Jeff
2009-09-22 15:03:43


Nice post. I also think that looking at the giveaway rights of a product can be useful for list building too. Alot of people may not want to manage the sale process themselves rather than being an affiliate due to the support requirements, but these sorts of products with give away rights can be a great incentive to sign up for a list, or potentially as bonuses to an affiliate purchase.

2009-12-25 22:38:16

I think dot point 3 is particularly important… (Selecting products with limited resellers) If you are riding the crest of a wave, and everyone can hop on then this is hugely detrimental…

Very good article..!

Comment by Dan
2010-01-21 14:18:31

I couldn’t agree more with your points noted. It is particularly important to do some well needed research when looking at resell products. There is so much old junk out there. Great Post!

Comment by Musikinstrumente
2010-01-29 06:02:45

But it’s also possible to sell such old junk ! Just buy 1000 pieces of old junk for 50 bucks and sell each one for 1 buck at ebay. Go to UPS and aks for a special pirice for the 1000 packages. Let the ebay buyer pay the full price. If you can automatise the printing of the address label and you can find someone who packs everything in a few hours you have much money with little expoenses.

2010-06-25 04:04:17

Can you really slap your own name on a new combination of resell right products? didnt know, thanks for the tip!

Comment by proxy list
2010-08-07 23:46:27

I think most of such products are already available for free and given away for free a million times and most people are reluctant to give away their email addresses in such offers so list building isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Comment by Massage London
2011-01-02 09:26:40

I think you’re right in your first point in that its about finding markets quickly that are new to the market.

Comment by Camera Accessories
2011-01-30 17:54:32

Thanks for the tips on these resell products. I’m going to investigate.

Comment by vehicle shipping
2011-04-14 08:00:14

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2014-12-29 23:09:11

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