Twitter 101 – What is Twitter?
by Tom Duong

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Twitter 101

This is more than likely the most common phrase ever regarding Twitter, and the fact remains there are still a vast number of people who simply have no idea as to what it is. This phenomenon which is known as Twitter, and which is used for both fun and business purposes, has undeniably taken the world by storm.

Unlike many people think, I can assure you that Twitter is a lot more than a website with a strange name. Instead, Twitter is in essence a social website where one can post “mini-blogs” in order to allow anyone and everyone to answer the question, “what are you doing?” Because Twitter has become such a source for instant news, it has also become an ideal place to market your products or services, although one shouldn’t forget that Twitter is essentially used as a fun social networking community.

So, now that you know that Twitter allows a global community to answer the question, “what are you doing?” it’s interesting to note that their answer has to be 140 characters or less. Providing you use Twitter properly, you can use it to promote a variety of things such as, seminars, promotions, and even sales. In fact, Twitter can by all accounts become the fundamental driving force behind your company’s marketing, and this of course can result in a huge boost to your profits.

What you need to realize is, most people knows how to use Twitter but not everyone knows how to use it for business purposes. Not only can Twitter help you to find new customers, but it can also help you to connect with your existing customers.  Furthermore, because other Twitter users can comment about your company, it’s a great way for you to judge the success level of your company, products, or services.

Twitter’s value as an instant news source was made even more apparent with the recent plane crash which saw an airliner crash into the Hudson River. Before regular news crews even arrived on the site, some of the survivors who use Twitter provided numerous details of the crash. Interestingly enough, Twitter has also been credited with saving a U.S. citizen which was being held captive in a foreign country. U.S. officials were alerted when the tweet was heard around the world.

Essentially, Twitter is also a great resource for driving traffic to your blogs or to your website because when you post links to those sites on Twitter, you can quite literally reach thousands of users.

Because we can use Twitter either for fun or for business, it’s hardly surprising that there are now some large business corporations that are starting to appreciate the potential of this micro blogging phenomenon which has taken the world by storm. These large corporations fully understand that they can use this tool in order to grow their businesses. The bottom line is, Twitter can be extremely beneficial to your business if used correctly.

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Comment by Wholesale Printing
2009-06-26 23:21:37

I was never a fan of Twitter, but we do use it for our business. Plus, I think the Hudson River story is a proof that this site can be more than a micro-blog. :)

Comment by Tom
2009-06-26 23:54:57

Likewise, I use Twitter mainly for business purposes and sometimes for personal reasons as well.

I totally agree, another great example to show that Twitter is an instant news source was the death of Michael Jackson. The trending topics was spreading like wild fire. Mashable noted that over 30% of the tweets mentioned his name upon his passing.

Comment by Cell Phone Reverse
2009-06-27 10:48:10

I love how anyone can see your post and start to follow you. A much better system than Facebook.

Comment by Print Brochures
2009-10-14 22:22:22

I agree! It’s more than just a site with an interesting name. The simple question, “What are you doing?” connects a lot of people. Isn’t that amazing?! Kudos to Twitter! Brilliant!

Comment by Schweißgerät
2010-03-16 16:48:02

How you can compare the cool Twitter with the evil Facebook ! grrr

Comment by Percy
2010-12-26 03:15:35

I am one of those people knows how to use Twitter but groping on how to use it for business purposes and I must agree that it does drive traffic to my blog sites.
By the way I like the new banner! :-)

Comment by Kent
2011-08-13 10:35:21

I love twitter! Great way to chat to people.

Comment by Simon Keeping Goats
2011-08-24 14:46:39

Great explanation on Twitter.

Comment by Nancy Leonard
2011-09-22 21:18:20

I didn’t expect to be one of those Twitter people. But when Facebook keeps on updating their site, which is I know, for some, a good way, I switched on to Twitter instead. Like for now, they recently updated their site again, it was totally wrecking!


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